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Daffodils are breaking ground.....

My favourite time of the year, the daffodils have started to emerge from the brown earthy mud, bringing a green fresh leaf which brings with it hope and happiness, the bright yellow flowers are coming that would cheer up the dullest garden.

Like the daffodils 'Whistondales' is emerging with a flourish from the deep cold and despair of the long winter nights - bringing a whole range of new products and sees the development of some new additions to our ever expanding range.

Last year saw the completion of our new separate workshop which has made a massive difference to the production and packing of all our products. Having a dedicated space is what I have dreamed of for the last 4 years. Here we are living the dream.

Mothers Day and Easter fall early this year so I look forward to introducing some fabulous gift ideas very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Look out for those night getting longer and the diary getting busier.

Enjoy Life 

L xxxxxxx

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