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Balmy Weather

Well May is nearly here, the weather still feels as if we are in February but hey lets not get caught up on that. 

Sorry I've been a little quiet, I lost my beloved dog, Betsy back in March and don't think I've recovered since.  After a last trip to our favourite Beach (Banna) she passed away peacefully in my arms. One of the saddest moments of my life especially after losing Espresso (my Cat) Mossie (my partner of 21 years) and my beautiful Mum in the last 18 months. Its been challenging but I know they are all waiting for me to produce great things up there.

So keeping myself busy the last few months in the workshop has been a must and as a result we have a new wax melt launching soon together with Handmade Natural Soap and our new Body Balm. The Body Balm is really exciting as it can be used all over the body wherever you need a little extra care, its really good on feet, knees, elbows, decolletage, hands, arms...... well anywhere really, I have even used it on my lips and on the ends of my hair to stop the frizz. It will be available in a spearmint and peppermint combination or a lemongrass, lime, may chang and bergamot scent. 

Watch out for these fabulous new products especially as the Body Balm will be perfect to take on holiday (no liquids) and a complete space saver being a great multifunction bar.

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