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Gold Delight Chocolate Slab

The Whistondale Gift Collection

Gold Delight Chocolate Slab


We are delighted to have The Durham Chocolate Company back at Whistondales - their chocolate is unrivelled.

They have the rule that they only ever use the best chocolate!  That's why they insist on using Callebaut chocolate in all of their products .  Callebaut is a Belgian chocolate company who have some of the oldest cocoa roasteries in Belgium.  So, by now, they've figured out how to do it -  very, very well.  

All of their products are completely handcrafted using the finest quality Callebaut Belgian chocolate, and top quality ingredients.

They pride ourselves on great chocolate taste.  That’s why they work with sustainable chocolate – crafted in Belgium. 

These 120g (approx) bars are the indulgence we all need. This Golden Delight Bar has golden chocolate with slithers of handmade fudge  - tantalises the tastebuds on every level.

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