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Rapeseed Wax Unscented Tea Lights in a Compostable Cup

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Rapeseed Wax Unscented Tea Lights in a Compostable Cup


Rapeseed Tea lights in a Compostable Cup

Our "green" tea lights are made from ethically sourced Swedish NON-GMO and additive free rapeseed oil, resulting in a very clean burning candle with no soot or fumes released - there is also no palm or soy used in production
The cup the tealight comes in is made from 100% PLA, a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars and only takes 180 days industrial composting
GREEN ENERGY - 100% energy used in production comes from regenerate resources.

As many of you know i suffer with allergies and headaches so constantly have to mind what i am using. This encouraged me to look into more natural options, so when creating Whistondale's own branded products i wanted them as natural as they could be. I followed on with launching my own wax melt range where everything down to the labels are eco-friendly and all the ingredients are vegan friendly, so then it didnt seem right not to offer people the opportunity to also have a natural tealight to use with their burner. 
Every little helps ....

Box of 12 unscented Tea Lights 

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