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Hot Chocolate Bomb - MORE ARRIVING END NOV

The Whistondale Gift Collection

Hot Chocolate Bomb - MORE ARRIVING END NOV


These Belgium Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Bombs are the perfect must have for those cold winter nights.

Simply heat the milk add the bomb and watch as the chocolate melts, marshmallows appear to create the perfect Hot Chocolate.

These are made for The Whistondale Gift Collection by The Durham Chocolate Company - they are made using only Callebaut chocolate.  This company is a Belgian Chocolate company who uses one of the oldest roasteries in Belgium.  They've been doing it a long time, so by now they know what they're doing! Another important reason that Callebaut chocolate is used is their dedication to the sustainability of the cocoa that they use.  They are great supporters of the cocoa producers in West Africa, which can only help to develop the best quality, best tasting cocoa.

The chocolate that is used does not include any additional fats at all.  The only fat in our chocolate is cocoa butter.  Just look on the back of an average chocolate bar and you can see how many other fats are used (palm, shea, etc.) This gives the chocolate a stronger chocolate taste!


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